Men in Black II


SmokeScreeners review:   

Year of Release:  2002

MPAA Rating:  PG-13

Director:  Barry Sonnenfeld

Distributor:  Sony

The film was reviewed by Dr. Barry Hummel on 9/27/2008.


Dr. Barry Hummel posted the following additional comments:

"In this sequel to Men in Black, there is actually a significant increase in the amount of tobacco use by humans and aliens alike! And, the film contains blatent product placement, despite assurances by the tobacco industry in the Master Settlement Agreement of 1998 that they would discontinue the practice.

Early in the movie, Agent Jay (Will Smith) is trying to help Agent Kay overcome his self-induced amnesia and rejoin the agency.  It turns out Agent Kay has been slaving away in a local post office since his 'retirement'.  As you can see in this clip, he is not alone...  

You have to love the alien who uses his nicotine addiction to speed up his pace at work... and his defiance with regards to the "no smoking" policy at the post office.

As the story progresses, Agents Jay and Kay have to hide a witness at the home of the 'worms', aliens seen in the original film that loved to smoke.  See if you can spot the product placement in the following scene!

Did you catch one of the worms hiding his carton of Marlboro cigarettes?

Late in the movie, our heroes have recaptured the Men in Black Headquarters.  What's an alien to do after such a successful mission?  Smoke and drink! Check it out here!

Will our wormy friends (and Frank) ever overcome the addiction to nicotine?  Only time (and perhaps another sequel) will tell."