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The Incredible Hulk



SmokeScreeners Rating:  

Year of Release: 2008

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Louis Leterrier

Distributor: Universal Studios 

In this film 9 smoking incidents occured, all of which were inside.

Dr. Hummel posted the following additional comments: "General Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) singlehandedly earned this film a SmokeScreeners rating of 4 Butts!  He was seen smoking early and often in the movie, starting with the opening credits:


While trying to track down the Hulk, General Ross gets a report that grabs his attention:


You can tell that General Ross thinks that he is above the law.  The Pentagon is a government facility, and there is a workplace smoking ban in effect for all government offices.

Later, while trying to capture the Hulk in Latin America, General Ross can be seen sharing his secondhand smoke with colleagues in the closed-quarters of a surveillence van:


The team is unable to capture the Hulk.  Eventually, the Hulk makes his way back to the United States to try and find a cure for his condition.  General Ross again tries (and fails) to capture the Hulk.  Here we see the general contemplating this failed attempt... again in his Pentagon office:


General Ross is never able to capture the Hulk during the film.  With the Hulk back in seclusion, General Ross wallows in self-pity... until he is contacted by an old friend:


The great irony is that the character of General Ross (played by Sam Elliott) did not smoke in Hulk, the first film in this series.  So, why is the character seen smoking so much in the sequel?


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