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SmokeScreeners Rating:  

Year of Release: 2012

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Ben Affleck

Distributor: Warner Bros.

This film was reviewed by Dr. Barry Hummel of QDREF on April 7, 2013.

Additional Comments: "This film had an incredible amount of smoking for a modern movies, with 35 distinct smoking incidents.  The film's star and director, Ben Affleck, accounted for 20% of the smoking.  In addition, two other stars (John Goodman and Brian Cranston), and four of the main costars were also seen smoking.  Because this was a period piece, some of the smoking was seen in locations where smoking is now restricted (airplanes, office spaces).  The good news?  This is an R-Rated movie, not really geared towards youth.  The bad news?  This film won the Best Picture Oscar for 2012, so people will be seeing this smoking for years to come!"


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